To cope with complex markets and the resurgence of volatility, we have developed an investment process that offers you broad diversification and selects the best instruments while using a dynamic approach to mitigate risks and enhance your returns.

The systematic approach

Three key elements

Experience has taught us that in investing, the science of process quite often outperforms the art of forecasting. Based on this conviction and an in-depth review of fundamental and technical factors, our approach seeks to generate long-term performance by combining three elements – diversified asset allocation, a risk-based culture of investment, and management using disciplined and robust processes.

Fundamental research
& quantitative analysis

The Systematic Asset Management research and management team combines experience in asset management with renowned expertise in fundamental research and quantitative analysis.


For almost 10 years, our investment management DNA and our market vision have been expressed into several investment solutions.

Our investment solutions

Group Paris Bertrand

On the ground in Geneva and Luxembourg, Groupe Pâris Bertrand assists Swiss and international clientele in managing their private, institutional and entrepreneurial assets by offering them tailored investment solutions, as well as special access to a vast network of skills.

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