The term “systematic” denotes both method and rigour. These are the two key words that underlie the approach that we have developed to meet your long-term performance and risk-management objectives.



In our experience, we have found that in investment, process often outperforms prediction. We use a systematic approach to actively manage assets while managing risks robustly within a broad diversification framework.

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Systematic approach


Banque Pâris Bertrand

On the ground in Geneva and Luxembourg, Banque Pâris Bertrand advises and assists Swiss and international clientele in managing their private, institutional and entrepreneurial assets by offering them tailored investment solutions, as well as special access to a vast network of skills.


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And distinctions

Chosen top fund manager
Chosen as the « Best Private Bank – Client Service »
Switzerland Awards 2018 revealed : "Outstanding Boutique Private Bank in Switzerland"
Chosen top fund manager
Nominated as one of the top-performing Swiss private banks in 2017
Chosen as the Institutional Clients Private Bank of The Year - Switzerland 2017
Chosen top Swiss private bank
Nominated as one of the top-performing Swiss private banks in 2016
Chosen as the second-best private bank in Europe